It’s almost Halloween and you don’t have a costume yet?!?  Eek, well don’t fret, I’ve got some quick, easy, and cute Halloween costume ideas for you.  Halloween costumes can be pricey especially for something you’re probably only ever going to wear once or twice in your life.   You can’t really reuse your storebought costume as regular clothes; the quality of most costumes just doesn’t really even compare to that of actual clothes.

DIY halloween costumes are a great option for those looking to get creative, have a one-of-a-kind costume, as well as save some money.  The best way to reduce costume costs is by getting smaller pieces and/or accessories to finish off your look and the best part, you probably already have a majority of these core pieces within your closet!  Yay, resourcefulness!

Another added perk of  DIY (a.k.a. “do-it-yourself”) costumes is that you won’t run the risk of running into someone wearing your same exact costume, eek!

5 Cute and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Below are 5 last minute Halloween costume ideas that I came up with this past weekend using mostly things I already had in my closet.

1)  Mime

Mime Costume

All you really need is a Striped shirt, Red neck scarf, and white gloves.  Grab a black eyeliner and some makeup and get creative with your mime look; maybe draw some hearts, a teardrop, or some diamond shapes under your eyes, on your cheeks, lips, etc.

2)  Parisian Girl

Striped shirt, neck scarf, beret & bam, 2nd costume idea using the same core pieces as costume idea #1, mime.

3) Cat

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Wear all black (or whatever color cat you want to be), draw some whiskers on your face, and get some cat ears or make your own car ear headband.  Instant Cat, Meow!

4)  Lumberjack

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Flannel, beanie, and some tan boots and you’ve got yet another costume, Lumberjack!  You can find cheap costume accessories at Target or the dollar store, i.e. toy axe, a fake beard, or suspenders to complete your lumberjack look.  You can probably find a some wood and use those as well!

5) Devil

Wear all red and get some devil horns and you’ve got yourself a devil of a Halloween costume!  Lol!  You can really enhance the costume with a lot of red fire-y makeup, maybe red and gold eyeshadow with some gold shimmer or glitter.  Plus it’ll give you a reason to wear red lipstick!  I love red lipstick but don’t wear it often because I’m used to my pinks and neutrals.