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What is Beauty?

When one thinks of Beauty, they are often thinking of the beauty cosmetics.  The Beauty Industry encompasses all things beauty from cosmetics to skin care products to hair care products to hairstylists, to perfume.  Many believe that overall wellness helps you glow from within.

It is also important to note that true beauty is more than just physical appearance, true beauty comes from within.  



What are Beauty Cosmetics?

Cosmetics, Makeup, Beauty Cosmetics, are defined as anything made for human use for the purpose of cleansing and or beautifying.


Types of Makeup


Makeup Primer

Primers help prepare the face for makeup application by minimizing the appearance of pores or fine lines or wrinkles.


Foundation helps make your skin tone appear more balanced.  It is applied to the skin after the primer.  Make sure to color match your foundation to your face and neck.  Be sure to check it inside and outside in natural light to make sure it looks as desired under all lighting.


Concealers help hide any imperfections you want to get rid of for a flawless appearance.  It can be used to cover up pimples, eye bags, dark circles, etc.

Face / Setting Powder

Face powder is great for those with oily skin.  Setting powder is used to set your makeup, such as your foundation or concealer to help your makeup stay longer.


Blush or “Rouge” is used to add some color to your face.

Bronzer / Contour Powder

Bronzer is used to give your skin that tan appearance.  It can also be used as a contour powder.  When choosing a contour color, opt for a color that is a few shades darker than your face. 


Highlighter is used to give you that glowy appearance.  


Eyeliner is available in many forms such as the eyeliner pencil, liquid eyeliner, etc.

My favorite eyeliner looks is the winger liner, cat eye makeup look hence the name Cat Eyes and Candy.


Mascara is used to elongate, curl, and or color the lash.


Eyeshadows are highly pigmented pressed powders used to create colorful eye makeup looks.

Brow Product

Brow Pencil, Brow Powder, Brow Gel, Brow Palmade are just some of the brow products available on the market.

Lip Color

Lip Color takes on so many forms from the classic lipstick, to lip gloss, lip liner pencil, lip tint, etc.

Setting Spray

Setting Spray acts as your makeup’s top coat, it seals it in so you do not have a need to touch up your face.  This is great if you want to wear makeup in humid conditions or if you know you will be sweating and don’t want to sweat your “makeup face” off.

More Beauty Cosmetics and Makeup

The beauty industry is always developing new products and formulas so stay up to date with all the latest makeup and beauty trends and products

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