When it is November and over 70 degrees in San Diego, you know you have got to make a trip to the beach.  Work has been busy so I definitely needed a little beach break so when our friends invited us to the beach, we knew we had to go and decided to skate there.

Beach Vibes with Sudio Wireless Headphones

Sudio at the Beach

When I skate with my husband, we like to listen to the same music so I let him play music on his phone and we will split a pair of Sudio TOLV wireless headphones while we skate in tune (get it?  in…tune!).  The range on the Sudio TOLV wireless headphones is great, I am able to skate with some distance between us and it still plays music just fine.  When I’m skating with my headphones on, it is like I’m playing the soundtrack to life’s musical and I love musicals so you can only imagine how happy it makes me cruising to my favorite tunes.

I am a huge music lover so I love skating with my Sudio wireless headphones.  The Sudio TOLV wireless headphones are my first pair of wireless headphones and I I have to admit, it has been really nice going wire-free.  The headphones comes with multiple rubber earbuds of varying sizes to make sure the earbuds fit properly. I was impressed with the battery life and play time on these little guys too, they can play up to 35 hours!

Beach Sunset Skate Session

Sunset Beach Skate with BabesnBoards

After the beach, I went for a little beach sunset skate session with the BabesnBoards girls.  Always so much fun cruising with these babes. We saw Shlomo during our skate session and I high-fived him!

Skate OOTD & my Custom Whatever Skateboards Board

Sunset Beach Skate with Makita

As for my skate outfit of the day, I opted for a pair of black bike shorts, a Cat Eyes and Candy tie dye crop top, the Nancy Hue belt bag, and some blue slip-ons

For the board, I went with my Whatever Skateboards X Cat Eyes and Candy longboard that I designed on Whatever Skateboards.  They have a variety of shapes and sizes and park decks too.  I love how it easy was design my board on the Whatever Skateboards website.  There are only 4 steps and you can design your board in minutes!

You can even order matching griptape for your board, how rad is that?!?  I ordered my custom grip tape from LitGrip.  There is just something magical about having your designs and creations made into a physical product that you use everyday.  Once you go custom, you never go back.