Have you ever tried to put make on someone else and have it just look slightly off for some reason?  Well, it might be because that person’s eye shape and facial features are different than yours.  Maybe your eye shape is down-turned whereas the other person’s eyes are up-turned which will make the overall cat eye eyeliner look appear “not right”, slightly off or just plain funny.

Cat Eye Makeup Tips to Brighten your Eyes

Up-Turned Eyes

Apply eyeliner to the top lid and create a slight short wing.  Apply eyeliner to the lower lid gradually increase in thickness from the lower lid’s inner eye to the outer eye connecting to the upper wing.  This makes the eyes look rounder and larger.

Down-Turned Eyes

Line the top and bottom lid.  Make the top lid’s liner thicker towards the outter eye and extend the wing beyond the normal eye width.

Hooded Eyes

Line the top lid starting at the inner eye working your way out progressively making the line thicker as your extend the wing or flick of the eyeliner under your crease line beyond your outter eye.  If you put the liner directly on the crease line, it will likely smudge everytime you blink.

Almond Eyes

Line the top and bottom lids and slightly wing it out on the top lid at the outter corner.

Monolid Eyes

The upper lid is lined thicker so that the line is visible when the eye is open.  Create the wing based on your eye shape, down-turned, up-turned, etc.

Experiment and find the Cat Eye for You

Slightly altering different elements of your eyeliner such as the thickness of the line or angle of the wing can change the overall look and vibe of your cat eye look.

Everyone is different and so are the shapes of their eyes so one style of cat eye eyeliner may not necessarily work well for everyone so I experiment with your cat eye winged liner to see which style or styles resonates most with you and rock that.