Cat eye makeup

Cat Eye Makeup Tips, Tricks, Product Reviews and How To’s

Classic cat eye 

Only the top lash line is lined then winged out on the outter edge to create the timeless standard cat eye or winged liner makeup look.

Both the top and bottom lash lines are lined.  The top liner is winged out on the outter edge while the bottom liner is extended, tapering out to a sharp point.

Double Cat eye

colorful Cat eye Makeup Looks

The color lovers’ version of various cat eye makeup looks and styles from bright colors to ombre gradients.

Your preferred cat eye makeup style, smudged to create a smokey effect.  This can be done to the top liner or both the top and bottom liner.

Smokey Cat eye

Fully lined Cat eye

The top liner and bottom liner connect at the outter edge to create a connected fully lined cat eye makeup look.