Color Cat Eye Makeup

Colorful cat eye eyeliner makeup is a great way to add a new fun spin to the traditional cat eye makeup look.  Try one color or two and if you are feeling wild, why not try even more colors.  Choose your preferred cat eye using colored liner

Teal Cat Eye Eyeliner Makeup Look

Fully lineded cat eye eyeliner makeup look in a metallic teal.

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Red Cat Eye Winged Eyeliner

Thick red eyeliner on the top eyelid only creates a dramatic effect and looks very stunning.

red cat eye makeup



Baby Blue Cat Eye Winged Eyeliner

Sparkly baby blue eyeliner instantly lightens your mood and is even reminiscent of your favorite princess.

teal cat eye makeup



2 Color Cat Eye Makeup


Ombre Cat Eye Makeup


Gradient Ombre Cat Eye Makeup.  White to dark green gradient ombre eye

ombre cat eye makeup


Blue and Teal Eyeliner Cat Eye Makeup

Two tone cat eye winged eyeliner with blue and teal.

green and blue cat eye makeup