Coachella Musical Festival Fashion and Essentials

With Coachella coming up soon, I figured I ought to do a post on some music festival  essentials which would be helpful for the first time festival-goer or the festival novice.  Be prepared for any type of weather and expect that it will definitely be HOT!  The weather in Coachella Valley in April is usually hot during the day and can get a bit chilly and windy at night so make sure you bring a light jacket or anything you can use as a stylish coverup to help keep you warm once the sun goes down.  I would also recommend a scarf or bandana to use to cover your face should there be a freakish sandstorm while you’re at the festival.  Sunglasses are also essential, helps protect your eyes from the sun and shields your eyes from the sand; you would be amazed at how the sand and dirt gets everywhere, it’s unavoidable!

Festival Fashion

Wear Whatever You Want, Showcase Your Style, & Be You

There are so many styles that are showcased at Coachella, don’t feel pressured to just do the bohemian chic look that everyone will be wearing

Fringe, Fringe, & More FRINGE!

Fringe is always a festival favorite, there is just something so carefree and a bit spiritual about the way the fringe sways and moves with you as you dance to the music or sway in the gentle breeze.

Breathable Clothing

When the desert heat is beating on you, you are going to wish that your clothes were breathable and not soaked in sweat and stuck to your body.


Hats help provide extra shade and can be the perfect accessory to finish off any festival look, but keep in mind the weather when selecting the type of hat as wool hats can be quite hot.

Metallic Temporary Tattoos (here)

Metallic Temporary Tattoos

If you love wearing jewelry but don’t like the feeling of having something clunky on or even worse, being sweaty and having your jewelry slip and slide around then these metallic temporary tattoos are perfect for you!


You’re going to want to bring a small bag with you to carry all of your essentials and it is important that the bag isn’t too big or cumbersome as you will need to lug it around all day and dance with it so the crossbody bag, a small backpack, or fanny pack would all be great options.

Small Crossbody Bags

RM Mini Mac with Fringe

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac with Fringe (here)

RM Mini Sydney Crossbody

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Sydney Crossbody (here)

Small Backpacks

RM Julian Backpack with Fringe

RM Julian Backpack with Fringe (similar here)

Fun Fanny Packs

'Merica blacklight fanny pack

‘Merica blacklight fanny pack (here)

DARE fanny pack

D.A.R.E.fanny pack (here)

Metallic Silver Fanny Pack

Metallic Silver fanny pack (here)

Festival Essentials


Make sure you get a sweat-proof sunblock because you will be sweating

Collapsible Water Bottles

It’s important to stay hydrated at festivals but buying multiple water bottles from festival vendors can get quite costly especially since they charge anywhere between $3-5 per water bottle so I would definitely recommend bringing a refillable water bottle.  I love these foldable/collapsible water bottles!  You can fold them up for easy and compact storage when it’s empty and unfold and refill when you are by a water refill station.  Below are some cute BPA-free options!

Silicone Collapsible Water Bottle

Silicone BPA-Free Collapsible Water Bottle (here)

Foldable Water Bottle and Ice Pack

Foldable BPA-Free Water Bottle and Ice Pack (here)

travel size tissues (here)

Most festivals are pretty good about keeping their porta-potties stocked with toilet paper but it is inevitiable that you may encounter one that isn’t stocked with teepee and you definitely want to be prepared if that happens.  These things are so cheap and don’t take up much space so please be sure to bring some!

What are your favorite Coachella Musical Festival Fashion and Essentials?

<3 Nancy