I love wearing sunglasses! If you follow me on Instagram ( @cateyesandcandy ) then you’ll know that this is true because most of my pictures feature a pair of sunglasses in them. Living in Southern California where the sun is out nearly all year round, sunglasses are an absolute must! Sunglasses are great because they help protect your eyes and double as the perfect accessory to top off any look, heyyyyyyyyyyy. I went to Nordstrom over the weekend and was surprised at how ridiculously expensive some sunglasses are, like $500 ridiculous! You know what I’m talking about, those Celine sunglasses, those Tom Ford sunglasses, those Fendi sunglasses, the list of luxury sunglass brands goes on and on but the cash supply in our wallets don’t; do you feel me?!? Sunglass trends come and go so quickly, the thought of spending $400-$500 on a pair of sunglasses just makes me want to cringe!

That’s where the “throwaways” come in. “Throwaways” are my nickname for cheap or affordable sunglasses that I don’t mind losing. I don’t mind spending more on quality products especially on classic styles that will last for years to come but sometime’s a girl (or guy) just need a pair of cute and stylish and most importantly cheap sunglasses that they can bring with them to the next pool party or festival and not get too heart-broken when they get broken or misplaced. The key to being a fashionista on a budget is spending less on something that looks like it costs a lot more than it actually does. Cheap (in price) doesn’t necessarily have to mean “cheap looking”. Trendy and affordable stores like Forever21, H&M, or Zara always have affordable dupes of trendy sunglasses from luxury designer brands. And if you can’t find what you want there, then there’s always the Cat Eyes & Candy online store 😉

Dupe for Dior “So Real” Sunglasses

Metal Double Crossbar Aviator Sunglasses - Orange MirroredMetal Double Crossbar Aviator Sunglasses - Green MirroredMetal Double Crossbar Aviator Sunglasses - Black












Dupe for Dior “Technos” Sunglasses
Dupe for Dior Technos Sunglasses, blackDupe for Dior Technos Sunglasses, silver


Dupe for Jimmy Choo ‘Pepys’ Sunglasses
Retro Chic Sunglasses - PinkRetro Chic Sunglasses - Blue


Dupe for Karen Walker ‘Super Duper Superstars’ Sunglasses
Oversized Rounded Wayfarer - Black Oversized Rounded Wayfarer - Marble

Dupe for Ray-Ban “Wayfarer” Sunglasses

wayfarer sunglasses, blue, angled








Dupe for Ray-Ban “Clubmaster” Sunglasses
clubmaster sunglasses, green lense
clubmaster sunglasses, blue

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