db verona small elisa oceanI’ve been on a search for the perfect everyday small leather mini bag that has a top handle and strap attachment that I could carry as a shoulder bag or crossbody. I wanted something that was timeless that I could wear everyday and was also appropriate for work.  The search had proven to be more difficult than I had anticipated as all the bags that fit my criteria were either really expensive luxury handbags or cheap looking, low quality plastic-y faux leather :(  I don’t mind faux leather as long as it’s done well but I hate that faux leather eventually deteriorates and starts to flake and peel.  I would rather pay a little more for real leather as it will last a lot longer.
db verona small elisa, interior view
I searched my favorite bag brands and various department stores and didn’t find what I was looking for so I tried to think of other brands that I don’t normally think of that had quality leather handbags that were not outrageously priced and I remembered that little leather duck, Dooney & Bourke!  I went to the Dooney & Bourke website and found the Verona Small Elisa!

Verona Small Elisa
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The Verona Small Elisa was small, structured, and timeless; definitely a bag I could wear for years & years!  The colorblocking added a more modern and stylistic feel to the bag and I loved that it was available in 12 colors and not just the typical standard colors; there was an olive green color (“olive”), a deep purple color (“aubergine”), a deep teal color (“hunter”), a muted true red color (“wine”), and my absolute favorite, a muted royal blue color named “ocean”.  I wanted it and I wanted it ASAP but the bag was backordered and has been backordered for weeks, so sad =(  I even went to several department stores and called the local Dooney outlet but none of them had the Verona Small Elisa in “ocean”.  I’ll keep an eye our for you, Verona Small Elisa!

Verona Elisa Satchel (larger than the “Verona Small Elisa”)
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<3 nancy

db verona small elisa ocean shoulder