The last few days have been cloudier and colder than usual in San Diego so I decided to layer up and toss on a longsleeve shirt and my faux fur vest and hit the beach for a few photos.  I paired a graphic white longsleeve top with a black and white faux fur vest.  I love how this outfit easily transitions from a casual and edgy day look with the vest open to expose the graphics on the inner tee to a bit more fabulous evening look when the vest is buttoned up.


I love these clear heeled black booties by Free Press.  I found these babies at Nordstrom Rack, aka “the Rack” (lol), for forty bucks, woohoo!


I decided to use my red patent leather clutch with this outfit to offset all the black and white from my outfit.  I picked up this clutch at the Tory Burch outlet at Woodbury Commons in New York for almost half off retail!  Woodbury Commons is probably the East Coast equivalent to the West Coast’s Cabazon Outlets close to Palm Springs but with higher end brands such as Celine, Tom Ford, etc.  Getting to Woodbury Commons was quite a bit of a task, it’s about a 1.5-2hr drive from Manhattan and was super crowded even on a rainy weekday.  It’s not uncommon to see hoards of tourists lugging around their giant wheeled luggage in search of discount priced high end luxury brands.  I love shopping and deals as much as any other person but bringing wheeled luggage to the store is just taking shopping to the next level.


zara jeans (here)

faux fur vest (similar here and here)

striped sunglasses (similar here and here)

longsleeved graphic tee

silver knot ring

free press clear heeled black booties

tory burch red patent leather clutch (similar here)

<3 Nancy