I’ve always heard stories of people vacationing in the Bahamas but had never been until this past year when I decided to go on a short 4-day cruise for my birthday.  Cruises are a great option for vacationers on a budget since the cost of the cruise covers food, accommodations, and on ship entertainment.  If you aren’t picky about your room or having a window, you can cruise for less than the cost of a fancy($$$$) dinner for 2.  You’ll be too busy exploring the ship partaking in the countless activities to be sitting in your room looking out a window.  This option would be good for shorter length cruises but you may want to consider upgrading your cabin to one with a balcony for longer cruises so you can get some fresh air in your cabin.

Since it was just a short 4-day cruise, it only had 2 stops and 1 of those was in Freeport.  Freeport is close to twice the size of Nassau, Bahamas’s capital, with nearly half the population so everything was pretty spread out and felt more secluded compared to Nassau.  The beach was so picturesque with it’s white sand and clear blue/teal water.  There’s just something about that gradient teal to blue to light blue clear water that makes it feel like you are truly on vacation, love it!

1_0493With views like this, how can you not be happy?!?

1_0488_editedA nature-lover exploring the beach told us that there was a really big bird and some baby birds on the other end of the beach by the rocks so naturally we had to go explore…

DSC_0529We found these baby herons over by the rocky area on the water’s edge.

1_0544A little farther out in the water, we found this beautiful white heron.

1_0511The opposite end of the beach was a bit more populated with beach goers, water sports rentals, bars, and vendors.

1_0632aThe water was pretty calm and warm so I had to take a dip 😉


A fun and relaxing day in Freeport, definitely check it out if you get a chance…perhaps on your next cruise 🙂