Over the weekend I attended Exposure Skate 2018 in Encinitas, California.  Exposure is a female skate event who’s vision is to increase the representation of powerful females in the media and to challenge societal norms.  There is just something so refreshing and empowering about seeing women and young girls going hard at a traditionally male-dominated sport.  Girls under 10 were dropping in on the vert ramp like it was nobody’s business.  Seriously, so inspiring.

Jordyn Barratt at Exposure 2018

Jordyn Barratt at Exposure 2018. Photo by Dave Swift

Girl Power to the Max!

Girls, bowls, vert ramps, and more.   Whatever you think you can or cannot do, you are probably right.  So change your mindset because you can do it!  Everything takes time and practice so don’t get bummed out or discouraged when you aren’t amazing the first time you try something.  Be patient, be consistent, and you will get better.

Stoked & Ready to Cheer :)


Jordyn Barratt with the steez

Jordyn Barratt at Exposure 2018. Photo by Grant Brittain

Girl Power OOTD

Obviously, I had to show my support so I rocked my Girl Power romper at the event.  I did not want to leave my stuff laying around or be bogged down with clunky bags so I opted for small crocodile embossed belt bag or fanny pack.  It is a glorious thing when fashion meets function!

Give It A Whirl

I was never very athletic or coordinated so I just assumed that board sports and skating was not for me so I never really tried it.  Last year, after over a decade of working in Corporate America, I quit my corporate job and started Prints A La Mode, a boutique printing company.  With that transition, I used my car a lot less and walked and biked a lot more since I worked closer to home.  One day my bike lock broke so I gave skating another try.  A year later, I skate to work almost everyday.  If an uncoordinated girly girly like me can do it, so can you!  Do not let social norms hold you back from trying new things because it may be something you really enjoy doing.

Skate in Style

Ready to give skating a try?  Why not skate in style?

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