My fiance and I were recently invited on a camping trip to the Anza-Borrego Desert.

Accessories Must-Haves for the Desert

It was going to be extremely hot so I made sure I packed a wide brimmed hat to shield me from the sun’s rays.  I was going for that fashionista vibe so I packed my favorite black wide brimmed hat.

Another important accessory for the desert is a bandana or scarf.  These serve 2 purposes: to cover your face in case it gets windy and dusty and to cover your neck or shoulders to protect it from the sun.  The shoulders and neck always seem to get sunburned first or at least get the worst of it.  Other than the more practical reasons, bandanas and scarves are great fashion accessories that can complement any look!  I forgot to bring one so I picked a red bandana in Julian when we stopped for supplies.

Desert Mountain Hikes

The sun was getting ready to set so we decided to hike one of the surrounding mountains so we can catch the views before it started to get dark.  Beware the cactus!