Jordana Balm Stain, Search and Discovery

I was watching makeup tutorials over the weekend and saw that one of the makeup staples of a popular blogger was by a drugstore makeup brand called Jordana which caught my interest because everything else she used were expensive department store brands or brands available at Sephora.  While researching the brand, I discovered that they are owned by the same company as another affordable drugstore makeup brand, Milani, and are only available at Walgreens, Kmart, or online.  I saw a lot of buzz amongst the blogger community about Jordana’s line of moisturizing lip balm stains,  I went to the closest Walgreens to search for the Jordana balm stains but the display was empty with the exception of a few random eyeliners.  I couldn’t find any Jordana balm stains so I purchased Wet n Wild’s balm stain (see review here).  I checked back a week later as the the store clerk told me she ordered more and that they would be in the following week, it wasn’t.  While running errands, I drove past a Walgreens and stopped in to check in case they had the Jordana balm stains in stock and they did!

There are 10 colors in their  “Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain” line and I purchased 5 out of the 10.  I wanted to buy every color they had in the store because they were so hard to find, but I didn’t want to commit to all 10 shades and waste my money until I tested it out and knew that I liked it.

Jordana Balm Stain Review and Swatch

I have darker toned lips with a few lip freckles and I’ve been looking for an everyday lip color that isn’t too hyper pigmented and wanted something subtle but still noticeable.  I absolutely LOVE this product!  It was better than I expected.  This is the perfect combination of chapstick and lip color, moisturized my lips even after the color wore off and left a stain, it was as if I had applied chapstick to my lips.  Most of the colors I purchased no shimmer but some had a very fine shimmer to them which appear glossy when the light reflects off of the lips, not at all metallic-y or iridescent.

Honestly this product is so awesome, I’d pay $15 for each of these guys if I didn’t know how much they cost.  Yes, it performed that good!  I can’t say enough good things about these Jordana balm stains.  Find them, buy them, and try them out for yourselves, you won’t regret it.