I was really excited when I first found out about the H&M collaboration with Kenzo late last year.  I mean, who doesn’t love big brands at affordable prices?  The full collection consists of 95 individual pieces: outerwear, dresses, tops, bottoms (shirts, jeans, pj bottoms), some footwear (fuzzy tiger striped sandals and rubber galoshes), and accessories (hats, gloves, sunglasses, socks, etc).


Honestly, I was hoping that the collection would be a lot more “wearable”.  Most of the piece are pretty “out there,” very eccentric…there’s a lot of prints, bold colors, and ruffles.  I’m all about animal prints & flare but the combination of tiger print and bright bold colors is just a bit much all at once.  Also, I was quite surprise by the price-point on some of these items, many were over $99!  Have you been to H&M lately?  Almost everything at H&M  is under $50, and that’s the nice stuff, so I was really hoping that the pricing would be more on par with H&M’s normal prices but, obviously, with a little bit of a Kenzo premium markup.  At these prices, you probably won’t find me lining up outside my local H&M store on November 3rd but I’m certainly not above checking out the clearance racks a few months from now.  There are several pieces that I like but I don’t know that I’d go as far to say I love any of the pieces :X  Sorry, not sorry!



Anywho, here are my top picks from the collection with prices, enjoy!
sunglasses longsleevewhite-longsleeve


read more about Kenzo here 🙂