Out of this World

One of my favorite tv shows of the 80’s was “Out of this World”.  The show was about a teenage girl who found out she had superpowers.  Oh yeah and that her dad is an alien who lives on another planet.  I always thought it was so cool when she pointed her pointer fingers at each other and teleports to outer-space to have father-daughter chats with her alien father on the planet Antareus.  A girl who has super powers and can teleport anywhere she wants – even other planets?!? I mean, how empowering is that?

NASA Bomber Jacket

When I saw this Alpha Industries NASA jacket online, I instantly fell in love!  From the flight nylon outer shell with it’s deep navy blue hue, down to the NASA patch, American flag patch, and “Remove Before Flight” zipper flag – this jacket was so legit.  In fact, it was too legit…too legit to quit. LOL!  Sorry, I had to!

I’m wearing this jacket as I write this jacket on a mildly cold San Diego spring night.  The jacket feels light and airy but also warm without getting too hot.  The jacket is so comfortable.  It is the perfect mild weather jacket.

Creativity Fun

There has been so much change since the start of the pandemic with statewide stay at home orders.  All non-essential businesses are closed, schools and colleges are closed, festivals and large gatherings are canceled.  It really makes you think and strive to more present in every moment and interaction and appreciate everything and everyone so much more. One of the things I wanted to do more of in 2020 was to incorporate more creativity into my life and work it into my work and life schedule so I decided to do this fun space edit.  Hope you like it!

Alpha Industries NASA Jacket - wall - sq