Purple Makeup

I’ve been on a purple kick lately and have been wanting to try a purple mascara because I read in a beauty magazine that purple mascara is supposed to make brown eyes pop and who doesn’t want their eyes to pop right?  I stopped by Walmart while running errands and found myself in the cosmetics aisle.  I picked up Hard Candy’s 1000 Lashes purple mascara in the color “Divine Purple”.   The purple was not very noticable, you can’t really see the pigmentation, so I my regular black mascara over it and to my surprise, it worked better as an fiber eyelash primer!  The combo made my lashes look longer than they’ve ever looked before, woohoo!

I also found some Wet’n’Wild purple liquid eyeliner that wasn’t too expensive so I gave it a try too.  The color was very subtle since it’s dark but in certain lighting, the purple makes my eyes look kind of red as if I had just finished crying or something, maybe it would look better on a different complexion or with a eye color.  I’m still undecided on how I feel about it.


Oversized Jackets: A Fall / Winter Layering Essential

I was going through my closet and found this little gem, it’s always been a little big for me so I haven’t worn it much but since 90’s is making a comeback & oversized jackets are a great layering essential for fall/winter so I decided to bust it out….plus the blue complemented my purple makeup 🙂