With being inside most of time the past several months due to the pandemic stay at home orders, the days started to blend.  Without needing to go out, I found myself in PJ’s or loungewear most of the day.  After a while, it kind of gets to you so I decided to get dressed even if I don’t need to go out just add a sense of normalcy back to my routine.  I decide to make a concerted effort to do something off the computer that is creative so I started with some nail art.  I’ve grown up in a household full of seasoned manicurists, my mom showed me the tricks to get my nail polish to last longer and showed me how to draw my first nail art flower, 5 dots of your favorite nail color in a circle and use a toothpick to draw a line from the center of each of the circles towards the center to create a quick and easy flower with things you have likely already have in your house.  She showed me this when I was in elementary school.

I enjoy doing nail art becuase it’s fun and a good way to relax, plus I get to have pretty nails when I’m done!

I used nail art stamps to create the intricate detailed designs.  I hand drew the evil eyes using a fine tip mini nail art brush I purchased from Daiso.  When doing nail art, having a fine tip brush is key because you will be able to get a lot of detail.  It is also important to make sure the brush bristles aren’t frayed as it will create messy nail art, unless that is what you we wanted then that could be used as a techique as well.