Have you ever watched a talk show and wondered what it’s like to be in the audience of one of these shows?  I have.  So I decided, “what the heck? let’s give it a try” so I signed up to be in the audience for the talk show, The Real.

The Real

I love empowered outspoken girl bosses so it was only natural that I chose to go to The Real.  I love that the show features a diverse group of successful women who aren’t afraid to voice their opinions.  Also one of the hosts is an Asian American woman, Jeannie Mai.  There weren’t and still aren’t that many asians or asian females represented within the mainstream media so its really cool to see one standing the test of time and evolving with each project she takes on.  So rad and inspiring!  Also, Jeanie used to host the show “How Do I Look?”, a wardrobe and makeover show, that I watched religiously.

Me and my mom with Jeannie! 🙂

The Process

Once you submit your request to be an audience member, you get an email from the show’s staff confirming the location, date, and arrival time.  Once confirmed, you pretty much just show up on the day of taping.  The show’s staff have the whole process streamlined really well so you just go from one step/area to the next.  You’re taking part in their process so you’ll need to be able to just go with the flow and honestly, it was kind of fun not knowing what was next, it’s like a surprise every time.

Filming Day

Once you arrive at the meeting place/audience holding area, you go through security and check-in.  There is a backdrop with some props where audience members can take pictures. Here’s a group photo of me, my mom, and my friend.

Here’s an OOTD shot.  It was a hot day and I figured the studio would have some AC running so I decided pair my cami with a light moto jacket that I paired with black skinnies and some croc embossed oxfords.

After about 30 minutes or so of waiting, taking pictures, and chatting, we walked over to the studio.  I recently went to Universal Studios and went on the studio tour so it was pretty neat to be walking around down there amongst all the hustle and bustle of television and filming activities.

Warner Bro's Studios

Warner Bro’s Studios

Once we all were seated, we were given the safety rundown by the studio’s firefighter.

Studio firefighter giving the audience the safety rundown

We were seated in the front row right behind the cameras so that was pretty cool.  All the hosts had to look in that direction so it was like they were all talking to me lol

The show had a “hype” woman who’s job it was to keep us all amped and engaged.  There were some male audience members so she had them dance for their significant other for prizes which was pretty funny especially when Ginuwine’s Pony came on in the studio.

Also, there’s a big “Applause” sign towards the front of the stage and you pretty much have to clap every time it lights up as well as before and after breaks.  Make sure you pay attention because you don’t want to be that ONE person who’s filmed not clapping and ruin the shot, oops!

I had attended a game show in the past with a group of friends and they had us check in our phones before entering the studio so we weren’t able to get any pictures inside the studio.  I love that The Real encouraged us to take pictures.  I was even able to get a shot of me on stage with the mic, woohoo!  Watch out world, Cat Eyes and Candy takes daytime?  I wish!  lol


The Audience Experience

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience.  There’s just something unique about watching a show on TV then witnessing it all happen live and seeing what happens behind the scenes.  Unless you’re used to being on set and in a studio, you’re probably going to feel a little out of your element but don’t fret because the unknown can also add to the fun and excitement of it all.

If you’ve never gone to a taping of a show, I would recommend trying it at least once; it’s such a unique experience.  Plus, you get to see yourself on TV later!  “Look ma, I’m on TV!”