I have been a huge fan of mini handbag. I love being able to fit all my necessities into one compact bag.  Then comes the the teeny tiny handbag in all of it’s teeny tiny glory!

Teeny Bags – Fashion over Functionality?

What’s not to love about the teeny tiny bag?  It is so small, so minimal, so chic, so carefree, and how can we forget, super kawaii.

Not sure how functional they are considering some can only fit earbuds but one thing is for sure, they are so darn cute!


You have probably seen the teeny bags with the J on them. Well those J’s stand for Jacquemus, the brainchild Simon Porte Jaquemus, a French fashion designer who named the brand after his mother’s maiden name.

Creative Self-Expression

Teeny bags may not be the most functional, but they don’t have to be.  Fashion and style is art, it is a form of creative self-expression.  Fashion and style doesn’t have to follow the rules or be functional.  It can simply exist and serve those that find pleasure in it.