Top 5 Tropical Vacation Must Haves


Be sure to bring your favorite swimwear.  Although I love funky bathing suits with cutouts, straps, etc, they often leave some rediculous tan lines.  If you are vacationing closer to the equator, you will get tan a lot faster so if you have multiple bathing suit styles and cuts, be connesiant that some of the resulting tan lines.

Light Coverup Clothing

Sometimes the sun really beat down on you especially during the hours when the UV index is high.  Swim coverups and light kimonos are a great way to give your shoulders and skin some releaf from the  beating sun.

Light Long Clothing

light long sleeved tops and light long pants – also works as a great Mosquito Strategy.  If you are highly alegeric or react severely to bug bites, it is important to pack something light that you can use to cover any exposed skin.  I have worn mosquito repellant in the past and no matter how good you think you covered yourself, the tropical mosquitos always find a way to bite the one place you did not spray like your hand if you had washed your hands after applying repellant.  Benedryl Itch Cream


You will likely be outdoors or by the beach in the sun so do remember to bring some sunglasses.  If you have plans to do something where your sunglasses can fly off like jet skiing, etc, then I reccomend bring an extra pair of throwaway sunglasses, basically a pair of sunglasses you would not mind losing.

Lightweight Versatile Bag

A lightweight bag that isn’t too flashy that you can put your essentials along with a light beach towel or sorang, waterbottle, small speaker, etc.  My favorite bag is the this All in One Shopper bag which can be worn as a shoulder bag, or backpack.  The bag as a drawstring top closure which can be used so the bag can be worn as a backpack.