Stylish and Affordable Fall Boots

When one thinks of fall, one thinks “sweater season.” The boot is just as essential as the sweater is to your fall fashion wardrobe.  Living in SoCal, it never gets cold enough to wear knee high boots so I tend to go towards the ankle boots.  Maybe you live in the colder areas that actually have seasons and want a pair of knee high boots, there are boots to fit every type of style you’re rockin’ or any weather conditions you live in.  I love how easily boots can transition from season to season; especially if you get a beautiful brown boot that ages to perfection! Rock those bad boys during festival season in the spring and rock those same babies when fall comes around.

I love cute boots but it seems like I can never find any cute ones that don’t cost hundreds of dollars.  So I scoured the interwebs and found these cute, stylish, and, best of all, affordable boots for your viewing (& shopping) pleasure, enjoy!


Knee High Heeled Boot

The knee high heeled boot for those going for a sexier sultry vibe.


Knee High Low Heel Boot



The knee high low heel boot for those going for a preppier look.


Mid Calf Boot


The mid calf boot for those going for a bit more refined look than the casual vibe.

Ankle Heeled Moto Boot

moto-ankle-boot-black moto-ankle-boot-dark-tan

The ankle heeled moto boot for an edgier / rocker vibe.

Ankle Heeled Boot


The ankle heeled boot for those who desire to a trendy casual look.

Ankle Low Heel Boot


The ankle flat or low heel boot look is great for those going for a relaxed, casual look.


Ways to Cut Costs on Cute Fall Boots

One of the easiest ways to cut costs and still get cute stylish boots is to go to retailers or websites that sell past season items at significantly marked down-prices.  A couple of examples of these types of stores are Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc.  Another option is outlet malls which also carry past season marked down items.

Because the items at these stores are usually from a few seasons ago, you should try to avoid items that were so overly trendy at the time that now they’re obviously past season.  The best way to avoid this budget shopping pitfall is to pick more timeless and classic pieces.  This can include the color (hot neon colors were really big 3 or 4 years ago, if you wore that today and weren’t at a rave, you’d just look ridiculously outdated :X Sorry!!), prints, design elements /embellishments, frills (think fringe, beaded fringe, ruffles, etc.), a particular cut or style (gaucho pants, cargo shorts, pucca shell necklaces…you get the point).  To avoid this, stick to neutral colors such as black, white, navy, brown, grey, and splashes of color like red, royal blue, bold yellow, etc. to add some color in your life.

Another way to cut costs on cute fall boots is to get faux leather or faux suede boots which gives the appearance of real leather or real suede except at a fraction of the price.  Another added benefit of the faux leather and faux suede options are that they are animal friendly!

There are boots for every fashionista at any budget!