Quick No Makeup Look

There are the 3 products you will need for your quick five minute no makeup look 

3 Products 5 minute makeup routine


For flawless looking skin have a concealor that matches your skintone. You can use it to cover any imperfections or discoloration such as acne, eye bags, etc.

You can also achieve different looks by choosing shades lighter than your skintone to act as a highlight and choosing a shade darker to use as a contour.  To test color match, make sure you look look at the product on your skin in natural sunlight as well as indoors.

Product used is Merit Beauty’s Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Foundation and Concealer Stick

Brow Pomade

It is amazing how much a polished brow can make your overall makeup look more refined.  Use the brow product to tame your brows into place where you want them.  Tinted brow pomades also fills in any sparse areas if the brow.

Product used is Merit Beauty’s Eyebrow Pomade

Nude Lipstick or Lipgloss

For a minimalist look, I like to go with a nude pink liploss.  My favorite is Dior’s Stellar Gloss #354 which is the perfect nude pink.

The perfect quick and easy makeup routine for that no makeup makeup look with just three products.